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This course is designed in two parts:
Part 1. A 2-hour - Power Point Educational Presentation with Over 46 Color Slides and Includes:

  • A complete view of the anatomy of the peripheral and deep lymphatic systems - how it is made
  • Physiology of the lymphatic system - how it works in conjunction with the venous system
  • Signs, symptoms and causes of lymphedema
  • Ways to prevent lymphedema - upper and lower extremities
  • Types of lymphedema - primary and secondary - photos and explanations
  • Incidences of lymphedema - the "3 culprits" that increase the incidence
  • The importance of healthy skin and tissues
  • Treatment of lymphedema - CDT - combined decongestive therapy - the all-inclusive treatment of lymedema
  • Different types of gradient compression - gradient sequential pneumatic pumps, gradient compression garments, Farrow Wraps, directional flow garments, gradient bandaging - color slides of each

Part 2.
6 hour Practicum - Practicum Class Curriculum:

  • Multi-layer bandaging techniques – 30 min
  • Manual lymph drainage of affected areas – “exit protocol” 30 min
  • Skin and wound care – 30 min
  • Use and care of a gradient sequential pump – 1hr
  • Gradient compression garments – types and use
    • application techniques – 1hr
  • Use of and other types of compression during wound
    • treatment and healingapplication/use – 30 min
  • Patient education and home care – 30 min
  • Choice of and how to measure for appropriate - 1 hr.
    • compression garments
  • Use of Directional Flow Garments (DFG) – 30 min

Learning Outcomes:

Part 1 - This full-color power point presentation describes "how the lymphatic system is made and how it works". Participants will gain a thorough knowledge of the lymphatic system and therefore, better understand the course of lymphedema: signs, symptoms, incidence, causes, primary and secondary lymphedema, and Complete Decongestive Therapy - treatment for lymphedema - clinical and patient home care.

Part 2 - Practicum - Following this "hands on practice", practitioners will be able to perform gradient bandaging; know how to apply a gradient sequential pump; know the different kinds of gradient compression devices; know their uses and the specific cases for which they are used; know how to measure and apply different compression devices; have knowledge about total patient lymphedema clinical and home care.

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