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Continuing Education

Lymphedema Courses

Learn effective lymphedema care at the Ginger-K Lymphedema & Cancer Care Center in Morgan Hill, California. Phyllis Tubbs-Gingerich teaches cancer and lymphedema courses to patients and medical professionals.

Continuing Education:

Courses Offered:

  • Case Study Course — Head and Neck Lymphedema Post-Laryngectomy
  • Case Study Course — An Infant with Primary Lymphedema Complicated by Klippel-Trenaunay
  • Lymphedema — The Chronic "Unknown Hidden" Disease
  • Grief, Loss, and Lymphedema
  • Internship Program - Call (408) 782-1028 for details
  • Use of Gradient Sequential Pneumatic Pumps in Treating Wounds, Venous Insufficiency, and Lymphedema
  • Cancer — Is It Epidemic?
  • The Killer Called Stress
  • Women on the Go Want to Know More about Breast Cancer
  • Practicum Course

Phyllis Tubbs-Gingerich - Lymphedema Care


To register for a course, please fill out a registration form. You can submit this form by email or fax. Once your registration is received, expect an email confirmation within three days.

Upcoming Events

Summer Internship Program - For more information call (408) 782-1028

Lymphedema Self-Care Manual

Improve your quality of life with the Lymphedema Self-Care Manual (3rd edition) from the Ginger-K Lymphedema Cancer Care Center in Morgan Hill, California. This manual makes a perfect gift for lymphedema patients.

Care & Maintenance

Learn to care for yourself and manage your condition for a better quality of life. The Lymphedema Self-Care Manual is not intended to be a medical manual or to replace your physician's care and advice; rather, it is a guide to good lymphedema, skin, and wound care. The manual is the culmination of 25 yrs' experience in the field of lymphedema care.

Patient Input

Self-care protocol is the direct result of patients’ subjective comments, which have led to better methods of treatment. Over the years, these formulas have been used in treating patients and have not only become part of the clinic's protocol for therapy, but have also proven to be a vital tool for education of patients in self-care and maintenance.

This constant exchange of information between patient and caregiver continues to be the basis for individualized patient care at the clinic. The need for a detailed resource for lymphedema self-care prompted publication of this "easy-to-carry" manual. Its goal is to answers any questions you have about lymphedema and guide you to a better understanding of self-care.

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