An Educational Seminar,  presented in your clinical setting - Treatment of "Hard Lymphedemas".

After 29 years' practice, experience and research in this speciality, I am teaching:
Comprehensive Treatment of Lymphedema, Venous Problems and Edemas Associated with Wounds, Trauma, Injury and Surgery.

The seminar will address:

  1. Criteria for gradient bandaging
  2. Step-by-step Gradient Bandaging, patient specific
  3. Fluid volume through circumferential measurements
  4. Skin Care - products to use
  5. Gradient Sequential pneumatic pumps
    • Use: Indications and Contraindications
    • Proper settings - distal to proximal
    • Detailed home instructions for patient self-care
  6. Gradient Compression Garments (GCG)
    • Anatomy & Physiology of GCG
    • What garment is best - condition and patient specific
    • Daily Care & Use
    • Patient instructions in self care while wearing GCG
  7. Manuel Lymph Drainage (MLD):
    • Clinical and patient self MLD
  8. Directional Flow Garments (DFG):
    • Properties
    • Criteria for use
  9. Nutritional needs - do's and don'ts
  10. Exercise - patient and condition specific
  11. Shoes & custom orthotics - Why these are important.
  12. A Case Study - a 2-week success story

This seminar is a full day with an educational power point presentation followed by practicum.

Contact me to schedule a day and time for this important educational experience.

Phyllis Tubbs-Gingerich 408-782-1028